Meditation @Shibuya!

We have meditation seminars at our Shibuya Branch regularly. It is based on the teachings of Happy Science found by Master Okawa.

If you want to know the following things, please come to our classes!!

Latest seminar is here


□Why do we meditate?

□How to meditate?

□What kinds of meditation are available?

□How can we contact to true-self through meditation?

□What is the true purposes of meditation?

□How to find our future direction by meditation?

□How to realize your dreams or goals through meditation?

□What is your true-life?

□Why are you here finding out through meditation?

□How can we make a utopian society by meditation?


Shibuya Branch 5F, 3-12 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo, 1500-0032

(Suggested donation is 1000 yen)