“Thursday Service”

12月27日 は、今年最後のThursday Service です!!


・「七の日参拝 来世成仏祈願経」  英語で唱和


・「奇跡を起こす力」& 瞑想 ( 英語抜粋)

7:00 – 8:00 pm, Dec 27th


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Finding True Self – The Noble Eightfold Path

The Journey to Discover Your True Self

In this seminar, through “The Noble Eightfold Path”, which is self-reflection practice developed by Shakyamuni Buddha, we will cleanse our mind & heart then penetrate into our deep inside so that we can talk to our true-self, which is our guardian spirit resides in the spirit world. This method is very sacred and spiritual to communicate with your true-self also finding our true essence – Buddha nature. If you reach this point called “Arhat”, you can acknowledge your purpose of the life and mission in this world.

『心の挑戦』英語版!!”The Challenge of the Mind by Master Okawa


The Challenge of The Mind

An Essential Guide to Buddha’s Teachings: Zen, Karma, and Enlightenment

The Challenge of the Mind is an excellent guide to exploring the infinite potential of our mind from Buddha’s perspective. In this book, author Ryuho Okawa shows how we can apply the essential teachings of Buddha to our lives and cultivate deep wisdom and promote a happy, peaceful everyday life.

Through expounding such principles as the laws of cause and effect, egolessness, and the middle way, in simple, clear, but thoughtprovoking language, Okawa imbues a new life into the traditional Buddhist teachings, and offers a solid basis of reason and intellectual understanding to oftenovercomplicated teachings.

Enlightenment is not just an abstract idea but is a state of mind that we can achieve as long as we continue our endeavor to seek higher awareness earnestly and honestly. By applying these fundamental principles to our lives, we can direct our minds to higher ideals and carve out a path to a bright future.





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